Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park - Riverland

Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park

Backed by magnificent cliffs, Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park (215 hectares) contains many backwater lagoons lined by tall, majestic River Red Gum trees.

During flood periods the part supplies nesting habitat for numerous aquatic bird species.

The park provides ideal habitat for a variety of waterbirds. Hollows in the River Red Gums privide habitat for a irange of brightly coloured birds that flit betwen the colourful flora.

Peter Jacobs Trail

Located within the Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park the Peter Jacobs Trail is a self-guided walk developed by members of the River Murray Youth Council (RMYC). The value of the local park resonated with the group and members helped to develop a strategic plan to raise the profile of the park. The group developed old off-road driving tracks have been given a new purpose and is now a walking trail dedicated to passionate member of the Waikerie community and advocate for the park, Peter Jacobs. RMYC members with the assistance from the Natural Resources SAMDB staff, Riverland West Landcare and Rotary Club of Waikerie. You can pick up information and maps from the Waikerie District Visitor Information Centre located on Strangman Road, Waikerie. (Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park located on Hawkes Hill Road, Holder).

Things to do:

  • Camping - along the river
  • Fishing - very popular and rewarding
  • Bush walking - on established tracks
  • Bird watching - great variety
  • Scenic - popular day visit area


  • The park is accessible to 2WD vehicles in all weather, however care must be taken as the roads can become very sandy
  • No drinking water is available in the park
  • Campers are required to use the bush campsites
  • Pets are not permitted in the park
  • During fire ban season (1 November - 30 April) only gas fires are permitted and fire restrictions must be observed
  • Use designated fireplaces where available
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of the river by keeping noise levels down
  • Please take your rubbish with you
  • Please drive on designated tracks
  • No 4WD driving or Motor Bikes off the designated tracks AT ALL – offenders will be prosecuted

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